We Handle the customers, You handle the business.

Do you have a high volume of incoming calls and customer queries that affect the productivity of your day-to-day business operations? Let us shoulder the load! We deliver excellent service and a professional touch for your clients so you can stay focused on growing your business.

We have the answer. We have the service.

What do we serve?

For the Business
We Handle The Customers, You Handle The Business - Your customers are an essential part of your business, but your day-to-day focus has to be elsewhere to keep your company on the rise. Our staff’s handling of your customer queries allows you to improve your productivity.
Our Voice, Your Message - Our professionally trained customer service team will handle them all. We provider clear, friendly, and respectful communication that gives your customers the answers and information they require, just like if they were talking to you.
Special Solutions for Special Occasions - When your business needs extra help for seasonal campaigns, sales, and events, don’t waste time and money on the hiring and training of short-term staffers. Our trained professionals can learn on the fly to keep your branding shining through as you attract new customers.
You Grow, We Grow - When you need to scale your business up, we can take the ride with you. We have packages defined specifically for companies on the grow. Eliminate overstaffing/ understaffing problems while keeping your ship headed in the right direction.
For the Orginization
Accepting Donations - Kind-hearted people out there are waiting with their generous donations; don’t miss out on their contributions! We are ready to answer their calls and process their payments, helping you reach the goals you have set.
We Reach Out to Potential Donors - Taking your leads and turning them into hard cash, thereby maximizing donations and meeting your expectations.
Event Invitations - Plan for your upcoming event, dinner, or auction and have people know about it too! While you are busy with the coordination, we will reach out to your guests, cordially invite them, update the guest list and keep you plugged in throughout the process.
Integrated and Connected We have the ability to integrate with all types of CRM systems and software, ensuring that no information is lost between lines of communication.
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No matter the size of your firm, good customer service needs to be at the heart of your business model if you wish to be succesfull. It is important to provide good customer service to everyone, includind potential new and existing customers.

Maintain your focus on your business
and let us work around it

Customer Interaction Solutions:
  • Incoming Calls
  • Call Escalation
  • Follow-up Calls
  • Incoming Orders
  • Responding to Chats and Emails
Outbound Calls Solutions:
  • Live Invitations
  • Conduct Surveys
  • Outbound Campaigns
  • Contact Leads
Campaign Management Solutions:
  • Event Bookings
  • Event Information
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Promotional Campaigns
Feedback Solutions:
  • Order Tracking
  • Sales Tracking
  • Customer Feedback
  • Phone Recording
Customer Service Solutions:
  • Product Information
  • Refunds and Delivery
  • Billing & Payments
  • Appointment Scheduling and Confirmation
  • Comments and Complaints
  • Billing and Payments
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Why Miracall Solutions

We Don’t Work For Us,
We Work For You.

Managing and meeting high-volume demands
We have the right tools to manage an excessive number of phones calls, ensuring that not one customer’s needs go unanswered, and reducing your customers’ wait time on the phone. Faster service means more satisfied customers!

Always On
Worried if representatives are on a break? That’s never a problem for us. Our service is dedicated to answer your calls and queries without fail at any time on any day.

Customer Satisfaction guaranteed
Customer Satisfaction is our prerogative and our duty. We aim to serve you diligently and never end a call until your customers are satisfied.

Analysis of each call, email or chat.
We have the ability to track and record all calls, emails and chats and provide you with key statistics and takeaways from each.

Part of the Industries We Serve:

  • Service Companies
  • Retail Stores,
  • Non-Profit Organizations,
  • E-Commerce Websites,
  • Management Companies,
  • Healthcare Providers,
  • Real Estate Brokers,
  • Car/Travel Agencies,
  • Life insurance Agents

Why Miracall Solutions?

When Miracall Solutions becomes your first line of customer awareness, making sure every phone call and query is answered immediately, you can meet your milestones and drive your business in the right direction. Work with complete confidence that your customers’ voices are being heard, your mail is being handled, and no phone call ever goes to an impersonal voice mail. So, why not deliver exceptional service to customers at low cost?

Exceptional Team

Our friendly, supportive staff is professionally trained in customer service and relations. Their professionalism and fluency in both English and Yiddish is what makes them an exceptional team!

Don’t Delay –
Start with us, grow with us, stay with us

Whatever service you require, we have you covered with flexible plans to get the ball rolling. No contract necessary. Include 3 price plans.

200 minutes
Per Month
450 minutes
Per Month
1000 minutes
Per Month

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